I was raised around horses from the time I was born. My grandfather Robert Davenport owned, trained, drove, and bred Standardbred horses. (My first win picture says I was 3 months old.) I am now married to my wonderful husband Austin who competes in cowboy mounted shooting as a member of the Mid-Ohio Marauders. We own 4 horses of our own of which 3 are rescues, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 inside bunnies that are liter box trained. My world revolves around my family and my animals. It has always been my job to keep our animals happy and healthy and I'm looking forward to helping others in this goal. 


Sleeping with the Wavewings on. Love my handsome boy


        Discovered the Magnawave Mat and she likes it. 

Cousin Louie

Taking a nap in the Wavewings. He is too Cute


Genetic Edge

Deciding she liked me after trying to kick me. She was a                       challenge but she is a beautiful Filly. 

Cyclone Union Jack

This Big boy loves his sessions. Ths is Jack on Race day at the Delaware County Fair. 

Cousin Louie

Getting his feet treated! You can tell he loves his treatements. (My husband Austin helping out)